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 Explore your past, present or future to help you regain control and find that peace of mind from things that are holding you back...

Your 1st Step:

Are you looking for counselling, hypnotherapy or psychotherapy?

As you are visiting our site, we are guessing you are deciding on seeking some help for yourself or someone you know.

We recommend you have a look at our pages to determine whether you are more interested in the counselling & psychotherapy approach to wellbeing or Hypnotherapy.  We will of course offer our professional recommendations at our consultation appointment, when together we tailor make  your plan for therapy.

You are under no obligation to continue therapy at any time. 

We help with many issues people experience, for example:

anxiety, anger, abuse, depression, fears, stress, phobias, self esteem, self worth, confidence, public speaking, self harming, addictions, grief and loss, trauma, inner child work , dealing with conflict/difficult people, suicidal feelings, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, weight issues etc...

Counselling/Therapy gives a person space and time to unravel their thoughts, feelings and experiences and make sense of them.

If you are not ready to call us today, keep coming back and visiting our pages until you decide the time is right for you to confront your issues and give us a call.. 

**If the issue you are looking for help with is not listed on the pages, please call for information. We are in the process of adding pages to our website based on individual issues clients can  experiences.

 Visit our Therapy Service, Times & Fees Page for more information

Your 2nd Step:

Contact Us..

Therapy can help you sort out your difficulties you are experiencing.You do not have to struggle alone.

Sometimes the hardest part is admitting you need help and not knowing where to turn for that help.

Finding the courage to pick up the phone and speak with a stranger about your personal difficulties is a huge thing, we can assure you it is for most people. WE GET IT!   Anxieties, embarrassment, lack of confidence, fear are commonly felt by our clients in making contact and when they are contemplating facing their difficulties they experience within the lives.


That's why we promise that once you have taken that step to call us or email us, we will help you feel at ease and support you respectfully every step of the way.

We will have a brief chat about your difficulties and  make an appointment for you at your convenience at one of our Clinics. 

We aim to offer appointment within 48 hours of contact, if this is suitable for you. 


 Visit our About Us pages for more information  on Why to choose us to help you!

Your 3rd Step:

Consultation Appointment

*Duration of appointment is  approximately 60 minutes.

**We discuss in detail the difficulties you are experiencing.

**We look at your life as a whole and have a brief look at your past to see if there may be unresolved experiences, thoughts or feelings contributing to your difficulties you are experiencing.

**We take a note of your medical history to see if this has any implications.

**We answer any of your questions you have.

**We recommend a way forward for you based on your situation and psychological practices.

**Together we tailor make a plan and way forward for you.

**You then decide if you would like to go ahead with therapy.

**Sign the therapeutic forms & Privacy Statement.

**Pay for your session.

You are under no obligation to continue therapy at any point.



Mates in Mind Enquiries:

*We are required to see and record your Card number.

*Free Consultation

*8 Counselling Sessions 

*Day,evening or weekend appointments 

*Bishop Stortford or Sawbridgeworth Appointments 

For more information and to book please give us a call.


Learn More

It all starts with.....Our Self... 

We are all responsible for our own lives. However external influences and societies pressures to conform contribute to people not living as their true selves, making us feel sad, off balance or not good enough in some way.  This itself opens up risks of damage to self esteem, self confidence, self worth and the way we relate to the world. These damaged parts of self  can manifest in addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, controlling, abusive and co-dependency relationships, weight issues and other repeated negative patterns of behaviours.

The good news is -  You can make changes that will help you look at your life and your problems differently and work towards a better way of being and leading to a more fulfilled life.

What our customers are saying

I failed my driving test four times, my confidence was at a low and my anxiety and nerves were getting the better of me to the extent I was experiencing heart palpitations. A course of hypnotherapy before my 5th test was the best thing I could have done. I was so calm, relaxed and focused which resulted in a much better experience on my test in which I finally PASSED...

Client A

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