A small sample of what our customers are saying....

I made my first appointment with Nicola at a very traumatic time in my life. Having suffered from anxiety and depression and feelings of unworthiness from early childhood, everything just overwhelmed me and became too much to cope with. I couldn't sleep or eat and was in a state of constant anxiety.

I had not shared details of my childhood with anyone but was feeling deeply traumatised about things that had happened many years ago. Nicola succeeded where other counsellors had failed. She gave me space and support to talk through what had happened to me, without judgment, and with great empathy and wise counsel.

Fast forward 5 months and I am a new person. I am no longer fearful and have managed to put past events behind me. I have more self-confidence and I am excited about the future .

I am truly grateful to Nicola for everything that she has done and highly recommend her.

Client A

What our customers are saying

Having failed my driving test 3 times my confidence was at a low and I was ready to give up on trying. I became anxious every time I got into my driving instructors car.  I made an appointment with Nicola who helped me to see that my negative thoughts would likely set me up to fail again. With a few sessions of Hypnotherapy working on my core beliefs and fears around my driving experiences I am happy and proud to say that I have now passed my driving test.

Nicola is warm, welcoming and highly professional. I would call nicola again if I ever need her services in the future.

Client B

What our customers are saying

I had to give up smoking due to my health, I have type 2 diabetes and have had a limb amputated due to my condition. I haven't had a cigarette for 8 months now. Very happy with the service from Nicola.

Client C

What our customers are saying

Nicola helped me overcome my damaged self esteem and feelings of worthlessness. I had been in a relationship experiencing domestic abuse for 12 years. I have worked on my once fragile self esteem and look at life very differently now. I am actually happy and looking forward in life to see where it leads me. 

Thankyou Nicola I couldn't have done it without your support and kind words.

Client D