Anger, Aggression, Forgiveness

Anger usually starts from a frustration of something. A frustration is an emotion you feel when things are not going your way, not getting what you want or you feel you are not being listened to.

Unresolved frustration is a trigger for anger

Anger is a normal human emotion, its a  strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. It is what we feel when we come up against unresolved frustrations or injury.

Reasons for why you feel angry may be!

*When you feel afraid *When you feel out of control  *When you feel our lives are in someone else's control.        *When you feel or see an injustice been done  *When any part of your life is invaded *When you feel helpless *When you feel threatened in some way

Unresolved anger is a trigger for aggression.

Aggression can be defined as an action with intent to cause harm, either verbally or physically.


'Its Easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend or family member'

The journey to letting go of repressed anger means we have to learn how to forgive people we feel have done us wrong!

Of course, this isn't easy as the main difficulty with forgiveness is that we have to go into depths of the pain that we feel was inflicted on us by another person or illness, without this we cannot fully move on and anger still resides.

We can forgive a person for our own benefit, we can forgive someone without sign of an apology from them. Forgiveness is an internal and personal goal that we decide to attain for ourselves. For our own 'peace of mind'

This does not mean how you were treated is ok, it just means you no longer will allow it to affect your life and current relationships.

How can we help you?

We will show you techniques on how to control your anger.  We will assist you in identifying what type of anger you have and where it is coming from. (You may or may not know this) We will look at your Automatic Negative Thoughts that play a part of your anger. We will look at how to forgive and what that means.We aim to help you recognise the need for it as we can only truly personally heal when you decide to forgive.

In the long run, we either choose:

To forgive - where we can be free from negative past experiences which no longer affect us, so we can live a positive life with peace of mind.

Or we don't - where we hold onto negative past experience & repressed anger which affects us, and we continue to live with physiological and psychological distress and maybe unknowingly attracting more negativity for ourselves.