Addiction of all sorts is complicated and can have devastating effects on the lives of addicts and their family and friends around them.  Even with strong family support, failure to overcome addiction is common.

If you are an addict of any kind reading this, you are likely seeking information on how to help yourself. This is a great step in the right direction!

What's your addiction to? 

*Alcohol   *Drugs   *Sex    *Pornography   *Gambling  *Nicotine  *Shopping   *Food   *Sugar *Social media

How has your life changed with addiction?

*Change in eating habits? weight loss or gain

*Change in personal appearance?

*Change in body odour?

*Slurred speech, loss of co-ordination, unsteady walking or standing, impaired attention, loss of judgement of situations, sleepiness?

*Do you drink at inappropriate times?

*Are you able to control how often and how much you drink?

*Are you organising your life around your addiction?

*Increased chattiness?

*Change in personality and integrity?

*Loss of relationships?

*Drop in performance at work, college/school?

*Low motivation?

*Lack of concentration?

*Excessive anger?

*Secretive behaviour?

*Lying to family?

*Stealing, criminal activity?

*Compulsive relationships?

*Dangerous sexual behaviours?

*Obsession with pornography?

*Do you gamble more than you can afford?

*Do you try to win back money you have lost? (chasing losses)

*Borrowed money or sold anything to get money to gamble?

What can addiction do to me and my life? Examples..

*Cause serious harm to your physical health.

*Destroy family and friend relationships.

*Change your physical appearance.

*Loss of job, financial difficulties including debt.

*Loss of home, self respect, integrity 

*Experience anxiety, stress, depression ( a cause for addiction and effects of addiction)

*Contracting sexual diseases or Hepatitis

*Contribute to low self esteem, self confidence & self worth

*Can influence prostitution or committing crime

Why have I got this addiction and no control over it?

The answer will be different for each person dependent on your experiences and type of addiction. However,  people have developed an addiction because they could not deal with a trauma or situation that created negative emotion in the past and they handled it by using a substance or activity that temporarily reduced their feelings of loss of control and anxiety. It then became a coping strategy to dealing with emotion  and a forever decreasing cycle of sadness and destruction.

How do I regain control of my addiction? - it is a complicated process but it all starts admitting you have a problem and with developing the belief that you are ready to change and that you can..

Alcohol & Drugs addiction - (Physical dependency)

Contact your GP and make him/her aware of your problem. Be honest and accurate about how much alcohol or drugs you take and what problems its causing you.

Your GP will give advice on the best form of treatment that is safe for you, sometimes cutting the addiction out completely is harmful and will need to be monitored and medication maybe needed in the withdrawal process. 

If you need treatment for addiction, you are entitled to NHS care in the same way as anyone else who has a health problem.

Other addictions 

It starts with developing your belief that you are ready to change and that you can change.  The realisation that the behaviour is bad for you and you need to believe you will be better after the change.  Counselling and therapy can help you develop these beliefs and set out plans for staying in control. 

Going to support groups will strengthen your motivation and knowledge to change.

**How can WE help you with your addiction?**

Minds at Peace Therapy can help you in the Process of change in addictive behaviours by supporting you every step of the way and by.. 

*Helping you with your mind set to change.

*Helping you to prepare for the change.

*Support you Making that change

*Encouragement to Maintain your change in behaviour

* Reassuring you , Relapsing (its part of recovery)

Overcoming addiction is generally a long, very challenging process, which takes your time, energy and focus on one day at a time as you move into recovery. Some days will be harder than others, but you can with support regain control. You can do this!